New Ways of Solving Problems - Connected Systems


Display Connected Systems (Insights Enabled) As a Way to Start a Troubleshooting Experience
If a user has systems we already have information about, allow them to pick the specific VM/Node/etc. as a starting point.

  • Ability to pull the latest archive for the specified machine

  • Capability to extract the environment from this archive

  • Intuitive way to select a connected system (some customers have a lot, so a simple scroll list is probably not a good experience)

This feature is on hold because the back end is not able to analyze Insights Archives during the SE experience.

In this phase of development, we'll be offering customers different options in how they begin their troubleshooting experience. We know more and more customers are operating with application stacks, as well as using connected tools, such as Insights. Given the direction of the industry, along with our strategic direction as a company, we want to support this type of experience. Users will be able to select multiple products (while still picking a product that they believe is the primary one) either by using an updated product selector, uploading an archive, or by selecting a connected Insight system and us pulling the latest archive in order to facilitate an accelerated support experience.

Target Dates: Feature Complete Nov 30, 2018, Production Release Dec 11, 2018


Allie Jacobs


Allie Jacobs



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