[CONSOLE] Improve Cluster Updates


Currently when a cluster update is available, an inline notification appears at the top of the page with a link to “update now.” The link opens a modal with various versions to choose from. If there is an update in progress or one that is failing, there may be two inline notifications presented at once, one with the failing or updating message and one with the available updates. We can’t hide the update now message because we don’t want to block users from updating to a more recent version (while an older version is failing).

  • Consider creating a dedicated space for available updates to appear, maybe in that top box area rather than an inline notification.

  • Consider cases of failing, succeeding, in progress, etc.

  • Consider the icon appearing in the masthead. When should that appear and should it change states ever?

  • Consider the % completed message. Determine if we can show this as a bar graph of progress.

  • Review with Designers and Review with Sam Colleen and Ali

  • Update Cluster Settings on GH


Brie Mignano


Colleen Hart